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At Newbury Park Drapery we think that while decorating your house, you try to add a bit of a personal touch and your own style through the decorative items, furniture, and window treatments. As your home is your sanctuary and personal domain, it should be your place of relaxation and comfort, and with a personalized inner environment in your home, it transforms a plain, blank area into a place that you can call your home.

Many people are unaware of the distinction between the various styles of window treatments known as curtains and draperies. It is important to understand the key differences between these two so that you can see which of them is more appropriate for your specific purposes. The curtain generally tends to be made of thinner material such as sheer, and is often somewhat transparent. The function of the curtain is to diffuse the outside light to the inside of the room, as well as to provide a bit of privacy from the outside. Draperies, on the other hand,are made of thicker, elegant, and more elaborate textiles. While they are both hung from a traverse rod over the window, draperies provide more privacy, light blockage, and insulation.

With so many different materials and fabrics at Newbury Park Drapery, we are sure that you will find something of your taste. In addition, our friendly designers will make sure you receive a customized drapery that has been fabricated in our Newbury Park Drapery facility by our skilled craftsmen.

Once you have begun furnishing your home, you will have to address the situation with your windows, and to achieve the most formal appearance for your home, visit Daniel’s Design House for custom Newbury Park drapery today.

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