Malibu Upholstery

A New Touch to Your Upholstered Furniture

Bring style and beauty into your home with Daniel’s Design House. We provide a wide selection of designer fabrics and trims to give a new touch to your upholstered furniture. Whether you want to upgrade the look of your sofa or loveseat, our expert craftsmen offer the best options to suit any style and budget.

Beauty and Quality beyond Standards

When you get upholstery from Daniel’s Design House, we assure that you’re getting the best products on the market. Our designer fabrics and trims come from world-class suppliers and mills, providing unmatched quality than most products you’ll find elsewhere. Our products also come in a range of designs to suit any style, from classic elegance to modern luxury. With our products, you can get the topnotch designs to enhance the look and appeal of your interiors.

An Extensive Selection of Upholstery

Your choices are unlimited. We provide thousands of designs, including embroidered fabrics, stylized scrolls, trellis patterns, and many more. We also have designs for different seasons, enhancing the beauty of your furnishings and adding appeal to your overall space. If there’s a specific design you want for your upholstered furniture, our experts will be there to provide the best options that match your tastes.

Long-lasting Design for Your Furnishings

Most upholstered fabrics show wear after just a few months, but our products are different. We provide upholstered furnishings and designer fabrics made from high-grade materials for superior durability. Our products provide great resistance to wear, wrinkling, staining, and fading, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Upholstery

No matter what design you need for your furnishings, Daniel’s Design Home has you covered. Visit our showroom to view more products from our selection. Call us for more information about our upholstery in Malibu.