Villanova Decor

VillaNova Décor carries a wide variety of fabrics, on display at Daniel’s Design House of Thousand Oaks for its customers living in Porter Ranch, Ojai and all the other communities in this region of the Great Los Angeles area. The company caters to any look in the home design and home decorating industry. Chenilles, blends, damask, silk, sheers, solids, suede, jacquard and more, in different colors, styles and textures, are there for your review and matching for your particular style and design project.

Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks appreciates having fabrics manufacturers and designers that are adaptive and present new lines and styles consistently. With VillaNova Décor you can see luxurious chenilles, various textures, colorful silks and the most up-to-date looks in design for your home’s look. If you can envision it, you can make it a reality with selections such as VillaNova Décor in the expansive showroom at Daniel’s Design House.

New collections by VillaNova Décor that you would see at Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks can include Delaware prints and weaves, Pippin prints, weaves and embroidery, Maypole silk embroideries, Heavenly plain velvet, Malmo Soft textured weave, Striato textured chenille, Valleta plain satin, and Clarence plain velvets. The company’s prints include Delaware, Pippin, Akoko, Foxley and Tiku; it offers a selection of two dozen weaves from Aristo to Zagora. Daniel’s Design House is pleased to be able to offer fine fabrics by VillaNova Décor for its customers living in Ojai, Porter Ranch and every community in this region.