Daniel’s Design House of Thousand Oaks is very pleased to offer Trend, Fabricut’s newest brand, to its customers living in Simi Valley, West Hills or any other community in its region. Trend presents beautiful fabrics at exceptional value – it operates under a business model focused on “four Ps”: product, pricing, packaging and personal touch. The brand builds on Fabricut’s history of servicing the interior design industry since 1954. Trend presents the same hallmarks – quality fabrics, dependable delivery and reliable customer service.

At Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks and its expansive showroom, for visiting customers it most often comes down to the product. For Trend, it offers very diverse fabric categories. They can range from highly decorative styles, to carefully aesthetic and pleasantly relaxing. Trend products include drapery, multi-purpose, sheers, silks, faux silks, linings, upholstery and trimmings. The style of fabrics covers everything from contemporary to traditional, and everything in between. Fabrics from trend come from all around the globe so you can see a multitude of choices and know you will see a presentation of current fashions.

Trend prides itself on a personal touch, as does Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks. At Daniel’s, the company insists on being involved with your home design project every step of the way, from concept to solution to selection to completion. Trend is a wonderful example of a brand that can present a wide selection of excellent fabrics to choose from for your home design project, while keeping you within budget. Daniel’s Design House is happy to have fabrics by Trend among its collection for customers living in West Hills, Simi Valley and surrounding communities.