Tommy Bahama

The founders of Tommy Bahama sketched the concept for the company on cocktail napkins while sipping pina coladas at the beach – something to keep in mind while perusing fine fabrics at Daniel’s Design House for home design options if you live in Woodland Hills, Newbury Park or other communities nearby. The story gives you a glimpse of the styles and looks you should expect from the company with an overall island theme that sells men’s and women’s apparel, home décor, rum and even runs stores and restaurants.

The fabrics are vibrant and you can examine them at Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks with its expansive showroom. Ask about Daniel’s complimentary consultation with an experienced design professional to guide you through options to transform your vision into that final end result you want to not only live with, but to show off to guests and family. Tommy Bahama is built upon a concept of a lifelong philosophy of leisure.

Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks appreciates selection, and Tommy Bahama offers a wide array of choices in fabrics, as well as other design items such as indoor and outdoor furniture, rugs, and wallcoverings. Tommy Bahama fabrics are known for durability as well as themes focused on Mother Nature and a breezy relaxation, with rich colors and juicy textures. You can almost envision a view on a Tommy Bahama print. Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks is pleased to offer Tommy Bahama fabrics to its customers in Newbury Park, Woodland Hills and other fine communities in this region.