Daniel’s Design House of Thousand Oaks is pleased to present the performance fabrics of Sunbrella to its customers in Agoura Hills, Camarillo and every community in this area. For more than 45 years, Sunbrella has been a leader in the fabrics and home design industry. The company thrives on offering homeowners possibilities, with its quality, sophisticated styling and innovations to match today’s lifestyles. Sunbrella fabrics are available for all home decorating needs, whether interior or exterior.

Sunbrella is a unique fabric provider among the lineup in the expansive showroom at Daniel’s Design House. Sunbrella as earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for the ability of its products to filter away the sun’s harmful rays; it also has received Green Guard Children and Schools certification for its contribution to healthy indoor air quality as a very low-emitting interior product. Sunbrella continues to attract and receive praise from designers and architects and more. In recent years, Sunbrella has even worked to refine and improve its products to ensure its leading standing among the industry.

Daniel’s Design House of Thousand Oaks appreciates the approach of Sunbrella toward serving its customers. As Sunbrella the company states itself on its website: unrelenting, unexpected and unsurpassed. Sunbrella fabrics are available for more and more interior and exterior uses, in more beautiful choices than ever before, with top water repellency levels. Daniel’s Design House is pleased to offer Sunbrella and its fine fabrics to customers living in Camarillo, Agoura Hills and other communities in this region.