Stroheim and Romann

Stroheim has been producing high-end fabrics, trimmings and wallcoverings for more than 140 years and Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks is thrilled to be able to present its quality items to customers living in Westlake Village, the Santa Rosa Valley and all the other communities in this region. The company was established in 1865 by Julius Stroheim, and was purchased by Fabricut Inc. in 2010 to become the sixth brand under the Fabricut umbrella. Stroheim continues to convey respectability longevity in the industry, as well as reputation for remaining ahead of prevailing trends in color and designs.

Daniel’s Design House of Thousand Oaks appreciates the fact that Stroheim continues to remain traditional, while always striving to look forward and present modern looks. Its range of future-looking fabrics, trimmings and wallcoverings can be awe-inspiring, and are certain to boost the look and feel of any room. Stroheim’s classic designs include checks, plaids, stripes, damasks, florals, tapestries, brocades, chenilles and velvets, and they all are consistently refreshed to ensure suitability with every taste from traditional to contemporary.

Stroheim remains a premier fabric house known as a leading resource for exquisite, fine quality fabrics, trimmings and wallcovering for the most distinguished clientele. Its fabrics can be applied to bedding, drapery, upholstery or multipurpose. The company offers a great variety of colors, from vibrant aqua to a bright yellow, beige to gold, metallic and pink. It also present various categories such as chenille, silk and suede, and many, many design types. Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks is thrilled to be able to present Stroheim’s fine fabrics to its customers living in the Santa Rosa Valley, Westlake Village or elsewhere in this region.