Silver State Textiles

Silver State Textiles is a second-generation family company that presents two primary brands for customers of Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks to enjoy, whether they live in West Hills, Camarillo, or anywhere else in this region. Silver State Textiles has grown through loyal customers and quality products, as well as strong business practices. The company is passionate about fabrics, its design products, and integrity and quality. Silver State Textiles organizes its collections among two primary brands, SilverState fabrics and Alaxi.

Peruse the expansive showroom at Daniel’s Design House in Thousand Oaks, and you can learn that Silver State presents fine-looking and practical upholstery and seating fabrics. Its brands convey quality, value, integrity, reliability and zest for life. The company’s fabrics are appropriate for any application. Alaxi is the company’s luxury line, while SilverState’s fabrics can be applied to a number of upholstery and seating fabric needs including residential, commercial, health care, hospitality, automotive and marine. SilverState fabrics are available in a great range of colors, patterns and textures and many of them are designed to repel stains, moisture, mildew and bacteria.

Other brands by Silver State Fabrics you might see at Daniel’s Design House of Thousand Oaks are Sunbrella, Crypton and Terratex. Each balances style and durability, and present customers of Daniel’s with a great selection to meet any home-design need or desire. The Salt Lake City-based company constructs fabrics to last as well as to look good. Daniel’s Design House is happy to have its fabrics among its collection for customers in Camarillo, West Hills and every other community in the vicinity.