Camarillo Upholstery

CEST LA VIE! “Such is the life” of this fabulous re-upholstered antique chair.

The chair was originally made in Boston around the year 1910. It happily travelled via horse and buggy into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Madison who resided in the small town of Marion, Massachusetts. After being well used and sat upon by Mr. and Mrs. Madison, the chair was then sentimentally passed onto their daughter, Sherrie Madison, who currently resides in Santa Rosa Valley, Camarillo.

camarillo-upholsteryCamarillo upholstery

Upon receiving this loving, adorable but well-worn out chair, Sherrie immediately contacted Camarillo Upholstery for her Upholstery and design needs.

The original upholstery was red velvet and Sherrie asked that it be updated with a vintage style pattern. After reviewing several fabrics with one of Daniels expert in-house designers, Sherrie fell in love with the red, brown, and beige French medallion printed linen. The vintage fabric was then coupled with a red and beige striped fabric thus resulting in a true “French Country” custom look.

Daniel’s Design House provides upholstery services in Camarillo and other cities in California.Do you own a sentimental inherited antique piece of furniture that needs some tender loving care? If so, then please call us at and let us turn your heirloom piece into an everlasting treasure.

Patty Antonville

Sr. Designer